We Are About: Honor, Integrity, and Respect.

10+ Countries, 40+ Chapters, 1500+ Members

Our Story

SAS Nation (SAS Woodsball) was founded in 2006 by a band of paint ballers in Wisconsin playing “outlaw” paintball on private land.  Organically, the member base grew, the fellowship became more serious and transitioned play at to local commercial fields.

We began to notice players did not play with the same standard of honor and integrity as they had values when against their fellow players.  Players over shot, other times opponents bullied each other and/or expressed poor sportsmanship.  We also quickly learned that not all venues are created equal as some were ill equipped or unwilling to confront bad customers to do the right thing.  In result, our member base slowly started to flee.  It seemed the logical next step was to grow ourselves into an organized team.

Inspired to do more, we vowed to lead by example have becoming the stewards of the game of paintball. From the humble beginnings of six members, we have grown over the past decade to a force worldwide.  Across the globe we have presence in 10+ Countries, 40+ Chapters, and  1500+ members.  Our biggest asset if our Brother/Sister-hood.” says Damon “D-Block” Robinson (President of SAS Nation)

Our Core Values:

1. Paramount – Honor, Integrity, and Respect
2. Family – We are a band of Brothers and Sisters
3. Recreation – Pure enjoyment at top notch venues
4. Personal Growth – Leadership, Commitment, and Physical Health
5. Experience – World Class Experience every time