1. What is the value of becoming an SAS member?

Experience Our Brotherhood.

Whether on the field, at Chapter Meet Ups, or team building events, our excellence is achieved through facilitating empowering events building a life lasting Brotherhood on and off the field.  At SAS Nation, our men and woman cultivate leadership skills, physical skills, in a fun recreational atmosphere.

Our Core Values

  1. Foundation – We are Honesty, Integrity, and Respect
  2. Family – We are a band of Brothers and Sisters
  3. Recreation– Pure enjoyment at top notch venues
  4. Personal Growth – Leadership, Commitment, and Physical Health
  5. Safety – For all players (Members and Opponents) at all skill levels

2. Do I need to be an expert player to join SAS?

We welcome players of levels.  SAS is the number one team for bringing in new players world-wide. Our reputation is known for welcoming beginners to advanced players. We have mentors passionate to help you no matter what skill level (Newbie or Seasoned) to ensure an enjoyable experience(s).

We look for passionate folks to share our passion and commitment.


3. What style of paintball does S.A.S. play?

SAS is primarily a milsim and woodsball focused team.

Milsim (military simulations) is the practice of simulated recreational combat scenarios, by reproducing the most realistic conditions.

Woodsball is a format of paintball gaming, in which players compete in a natural outdoors area or a recreation of a town called urban fields.

4. What does it cost to play? (Event Entry, Equipment, Other?)

  1. SAS Nation dues require a monthly fee of $8.95 which is billed quarterly.  In addition, each individual Chapter may require additional member dues.  Some do, some do not.
  2. Equipment and Event Entry (Venue Admission)

If you do not have your own equipment the field will typically rent equipment to you. Some members have extra markers (Paintball Guns) for you to use but please depend on it. Costs for rentals vary and can be from $20-60 depending on location and the package available. It’s best to research the field we are attending and be prepared for costs for equipment and paintballs.

5. What can I expect when attending my first event?

On a Prospects first day …





6. What do I need to bring? (Equipment, Clothing, Lunch, Other?)

First, bring your shining personality.

Equipment – Do you have equipment? What are you missing or what do you question that you already own? If anything isn’t up to safety standard such as your mask, notify us. We may have what you need or direct you to the best places to acquire equipment.

Clothing – We don’t have a uniform. Wear what you feel comfortable and safe in. Keep in mind that we often play in the woods. Protect yourself from the elements and bugs you may encounter. Solid footwear is advised as well.

Lunch –  We have tents, chairs, and tables for most of our events and meet ups. We often bring coolers for water and snacks. Typically fields will either have food to sell or they have affiliates that can facilitate a delivery order. We ask each member be responsible for themselves but usually we have enough to share!

7. What is the likeliness of injury?

The most common question about paintball is if it hurts to get hit by a paintball.  The second most common question is: How dangerous is paintball?

In reality, paintball is relatively safe and most injuries come from falling or running into obstacles on the field. The most serious injuries, though very rare, come from players taking off their masks and other safety equipment. In general, if you follow the safety rules of paintball, it’s a very safe sport.

It may surprise you to know that a 2003 study by the National Injury Information Clearinghouse (U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission), stated that paintball is safer than bowling, running, and almost every other popular sport.


8. I do not know how to use a paintball gun, will someone train me?

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9. How can I learn more about equipment?

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10. Is there an age limit to play?

We do have age limitations not just on the team but in the sport. The minimum age for Paintball is 10 years old.

11. Can females participate in SAS?

Absolutely!  No one can be denied from SAS for sex as well as race, or religion.

12. I can’t find a Chapter in my area what do I do?

You can either join a Chapter in a nearby state or Region.  Or if you or a group would be interested in founding a new chapter please contact us.

13. How can I join SAS?

Please sign up by enroll and registering on our site which will instantly make you a Prospect and access to our portal to communicate with other Chapter members.

Then, a local representative will contact you and invite your to join us for an event(s).

Our vetting process is based on SAS core values while some processes vary by Chapter.  Mainly, we will need to play with you a but before you can formally be invited and sworn in as a SAS Brother or Sister.

14. I’ve heard you refer to each other by code names “Call Signs”, what is that all about?

When a Prospect becomes a member and demonstrates SAS Core Values are traditionally given a nickname or Call Sign.  It varies per Chapter, but usually the Call Signs are given by elder brothers that fit a players personality. The Call Sign can change, and not everyone gets one right away; it’s a right of passage.

15. How do you guys stay in touch, communicate?

SAS has an official Event each month all members are expected to attend.  We also have our own community App and portal where many members hang out daily.  Also, many members establish new friendships and start connecting “Offline”.