Our Leadership Program

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell

Got What It Takes To Be an SAS Leader?

Each Chapter has the following leadership roles including: President, Vice-President, Recruiter, Secretary, Treasurer.  Learn more about Chapter Roles with the intent to execute Events, Meet Ups back by our Core Values.

Coming Soon!

To support our Core Values, we are developing World-Class Leadership Programs to:

  1. Provide superior support system for our Chapter Officers
  2. Streamline processes and communication between SAS Nation and Chapters
  3. Create clear and quantifiable objectives based on COre Values and Reward

To facilitate this, we will provide many resources including:

  1. Leadership Manuals (By Role)
  2. Growth Path
  3. Resources via our portal including (Courses, Videos, Forums, and Documentation)
  4. Assigned Mentors
  5. Regular leadership meetings
  6. Rewards


Leadership Program initiatives will be based on SAS Nation Core Values measured by “Member Experience Metrics” (Not number of Members).  To learn about the Rewards you can earn, please visit our Rewards page.