What Members Are Saying …

“It’s a family group of people.  We meet people all over the world.  We build life long bonds, grow the sport; It’s being apart of something special.”

Adam Parkman

“Friends all over the world, pride in team, knowing we play with Honor, Integrity, and Respect.”

Heather Wood

“Life long friendships, a way to meet people throughout the world, and structure of an organization while having fun at the same time .”

Bridgitte Fischer

“Being a part of something much bigger than me. It’s a family or a brother hood that has helped me in my own personal life; meeting people who are now considered family. I am a shy person, and SAS being international, it help me be a bit more sociable and a bit less shy.”

Khyle Paul

“Helping grow the sport . Teaching kids and newcomers how to play. Helping others enjoy the game better. Helping my community.” 

– Dalton Cole

“To try and find the brotherhood, comradeship, I had lost since leaving the Marine Corp infantry. I have had a deep passion for paintball since I was 13. I played my first game at 11 in 1994.”

Marc Colantuono

“The family vibe.”

– Jeff Davis

“Being part of the biggest team in the world.”

Marcos Salinas Garcia

“Family, support group on and off the field, chapter activities that are outside of the paintball field.”

Jason Lopez

“Ability to connect with a very diverse (in every way) group of people, make life-long friends.  A Sense of belonging. Brand recognition – people in the paintball community know SAS.”

Andrew Roubin

“Camaraderie, belonging, have a group to work together.”

Derek Phoungphol

“For my chapter specifically, it’s very easy for guys to pick up and move a lot since most of our members are military, and having chapters all over gives them a place to go when they move without having to start from scratch. Being global means better spread of info, especially about events, and going to one where other SAS chapters are present can always help out even just traveling chapter members.” – Mark Hermann

“Comrade, honesty, and friendship”

Parry Newman

“It’s the family atmosphere.  Other leaders willingness to help when one is struggling.”

Ryan Mcghee

“The Brother/Sisterhood. Someone having my back on and off the field. Being able to help others in the sport.”

Zach Robertson

“That I can go to any state almost and play in a large event and automatically have comradery with other players.  Playing with members of other teams is almost like playing with my team, seamless.”

Pete Shively

“I love always have someone to play with rather than having to play alone!”

Theo Balabanis

“Lifelong friendships.  Having SAS folks to play with if I travel, with so many active chapters.  Organization and structure on and off the field.  We hold ourselves and each other accountable.”

John Mylles

“It’s the High values in the the way the conduct events , Sponsorship, Uniform,  Code of conduct witch all players must agree with before joining the team.”

Stuart Peart