Why SAS Nation?

Why SAS Nation?

The purpose of SAS Nation is to centralize and facilitate all common needs and resources for each Chapter based on survey analysis and leadership decision making.  SAS Nation intends to be the “Hub” for support, Membership, Marketing, communications, leadership programs, Rewards, and new Chapter development.  We foster continuity across all Chapters, improved communication, processes, while empowering Chapter individuality and maintain our “Brotherhood” culture.

At this point in time a new Marketing website and portal with Activity Feed and Membership Management is being built.  The desire is to start building out the Leadership Program and business operations, and present concepts to leadership.

SAS Value Proposition:

  1. Improve Communication Leadership, Chapters, and Members
  2. Provide consistent support to facilitate all common needs in our network
  3. Set clear and specific goals and expectations for each Chapter and Chapter Role
  4. Leadership program to quantify goals and reward based on SAS Nation goals and initiatives
  5. Continued Technology growth
  6. Implement Marketing Channels to attract membership growth

SAS Nation Objectives:

  1. Superior Support Team – Provide consistent support for all Chapters and Members
  2. Streamline Common Workflow and business processes – Define, centralize, and facilitate common needs and resources across all Chapters
  3. Strengthen Our Network – Evaluate existing Chapters, freeze new Chapters, and re-frame New Chapter development rules based on Core Values
  4. Marketing Plan – a. Facilitate Marketing distribution online and collateral at “Home Fields” b. Spend Membership dollars to facilitate objectives, as well as budget advertising dollars to attract new Prospects
  5. Leadership Program – Create a Leadership Training Program to set Chapter requirements and expectations, as well as tailored programs for each leadership role that include tasks and quantifiable goals
  6. Rewards and Incentives – Create rewards and incentives for successful Chapters and leaders based on defined quantifiable goals
  7. Portal and Technology – Create Membership portal, Activity Feed, and flexible platform for continued growth into other areas such as Training courses, eCommerce, Mobile App, Sponsorship and Advertising, as well as other tools to help facilitate SAS needs
  8. Business Model – Membership program via portal, “Home Field” relationships, and Sponsors/Ads and Directory